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Has it really been five years?


Crazy year.
School-kicking my ass
Fire Department-what was I thinking
Internet-I miss you!
Friends-I miss you more!
Family-doing good

Insomnia is the devil.

I can't sleep. I haven't been able to sleep for the last week and it's really starting to suck. I have my last final tomorrow and then I have to work, so it would be really nice if I could go to sleep before my alarm clock goes off.

And the batteries in my mouse just died. Dammit. I'm going back to bed so I can stare at my ceiling a little more.

And so goes another day.

I'm having a good day.

I only have two weeks of classes left for this summer. Then I'll get a two week break before fall semester starts. Whoo! And my new job just called and gave me my schedule for next week. Another yay!

I'm download the final episode of QAF, because I suck and couldn't wait. I ended up watching the next two episodes last night and episode 512 today. I really don't want the show to end but I'm so impatient.

I *finally* talked to Mary last night. Hope you're having fun in NS, sweetie. :)

I have a lot to do tonight, but I'm in such a good mood that I don't even care. But I do have to write a speech so I'm off for now.

I feel like such a boner today.

I hate how disconnected I've become. I used to spend so much time talking to everybody online and now I'm lucky if I chat with them once a month. It's depressing. I'm going to try and talk with everyone on a regular basis again even if my timing does suck. I might be incredibly busy, but so is everyone else and if I can't manage to take a few minutes out of my days to talk then I suck the big one.


It seems like it's been years since I was online for more than a few minutes. I'm not really feeling wordy tonight, though. Instead, I'm just trying to avoid homework. *g*

What's been going on...Collapse )

Mary! Jena! I miss you guys. *bg* Email me!

You did write Eric/George...remember?

Or maybe Nick/Greg. I totally forgot I even wrote a short fic in my notebook weeks ago. Need to figure out if it should be RPS or not. Are the characters more RPS or more N/G? And it wouldn't hurt to type it up and really *look* at it.

No smoking.

I quit smoking again. And this time I'm really going to quit. None of this stop smoking for a while and then start again. Nope. No more smoking from here on out. So I'm going nuts. I started knitting, of all things, to try and keep my hands busy and my mind of smoking. I see a lot of knitting in my future. Two weeks and my entire family is going to be wearing knitted outfits. With matching bags.

I haven't wanted to do anything at all today. But I did what absolutely had to be done and now I'm going to just sit and do nothing the rest of the evening. It's rainy and dark outside and I love this kind of weather. Rainy weather makes me want to put on sweats, grab a blanket, and be lazy. So I'm going to watch the beginning of The Rules of Attraction because Eric Szmanda is hot and says fuck in it. Then I'm going to read my new book.

They say it's your birthday.

Happy late birthday to simplybeing Hope you had a great one.

Today is my birthday and I'm really not excited. Actually, I'm kind of depressed. I don't want a birthday this year. I'm a year older and in the exact same place I was last year. Blah. It makes me feel really unaccomplished.

I've been crazy busy with doctor appointments and testing the last few weeks. (I missed JuC day *sob*) I'm having spinal fusion surgery on May 9th, and possibly SI joint fusion because my body sucks and is rebelling. But this should work and hopefully there will be at most one or two more surgeries after that and I'm done. Whoo! I still have to get in within the next few weeks and make sure the cancer hasn't returned, but I'm not really worried about that. I'm 99% sure it's gone. Completely.

And I am weeding my way through emails to everyone who sent me mail asking me where the hell I've been. I'll get to you soon. Promise.

But I'm going to bed now. I can probably squeeze in a few hours of sleep before my day of living hell fun filled birthday activities begins. My mom will be calling me at the crack of dawn while she is driving over here to kidnapped me, removing me from my house for at least fifteen hours. Blah.