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It's been a long day...

Physical therapy kicked my ass today, I'm exhausted. I'm really glad the only thing I had going on this evening was a date with my tv. Tonight's episode of CSI was, for me, one of the best so far this season. I loved all the Nick action. Plus, it felt like they were getting back to basics. It wasn't some outlandish plot and I felt all the characters had good screen time. And Gil talking to Hodges was hysterical. Now I'm going to take my tea and go climb into bed.

Here! Look!

For starturtle0977

Since you don't know who George and Eric are...I give you pictures! Yay!

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I just finished changing the layout over at NMD. It's so dead there. DEAD! Everyone has been so busy lately, it just sucks. But the new colors are bright and spring-y. And despite the freaking cold weather spring is right around the corner, hopefully that means things will get a little less chaotic and people can start slowing down.

And Jena, if you get online E-mail me. It's been too long.

Spam? Anyone?

Nine days left until we are given large amounts of JuC. I still have no idea what I'm going to do. I've thought about writing. I've thought about making a list of recs or maybe a page full of wonderfully slashy pictures of the two of them. But I just don't know. It'll work out. I work best under pressure. Right? Umm.. yeah. So, whoo for the upcoming JuC. I'm excited.
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The LJ Hug Meme

There are times when someone on our FL is feeling down. And what better way to help them out than giving them a hug! Post this in your journal, and let your friends know that no matter what, you'll always be there to give them a little cheer (not that you don't already!).


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I've been using my mom's car, because she's been needing my suv lately. Her car is almost paid off, which makes me really nervous when I'm driving it. I'm convinced something is going to break, or I'm going to wreck and then the only thing I'll hear for the next five years is how I broke the 'nearly paid off car'. Tonight, I was driving home and went to open the driver's side window and what happens? It won't roll back up. I didn't want to force it being terrified of breaking it and all, so I just left it down tonight. I'm praying it doesn't rain or snow. It's 30 degrees here and I have a doctor appt. at 8:00 am tomorrow. My uncle thinks he can fix it, so I'm going to go over there after the doctor and hopefully it's not completely broken. And tomorrow night I'm getting my truck back because no way am I going to be using my mom's car. I think the window was like a warning sign.

Canasta what?

So I've developed a nasty little habit of playing canasta whenever I possibly can. It's sick really. I become obsessed with things way to easily.

Project Runway is on tonight. As much as I want to boycott the show for eliminating my dear Austin, I have to watch the reunion. I'm not feeling so hot today and I'm pretty sure I'm getting the flu, but flu be damned because I'm staying up past nine tonight.

I just got back from physical therapy and feel worse than before I left. But I had another doctor appointment before that and it seems that the cancer is gone. The doctors are positive they removed all tumors and cancer cells during the surgery. Whoo! That's really good news. I still have to keep going to see my doctor allthefreakingtime but a few more appointments is worth not having to do radiation. So Yay for that.

I've been slightly depressed with all the doctors appointments I've had lately. I'm lucky if I only have one appointment a day, but it seems that things are finally starting to look a little better. And I am done with doctors for the rest of the day so I'm going to get in my pajamas, grab a bottle of water and go be lazy.

Whew...Finally Good News

So my aunt is finally out of ICU and into a regular hospital room. Finally.

The Story of How A Doctor Lost His LicenseCollapse )

It's been a long time.

It's been so long since I've been here. And things are no better. Blah. But who cares because there are only a couple of months of cold weather left and that makes me really happy. I can't wait until winter is over. I want a temperature over fifty and grass and trees and a hothot sun.

I'm bored out of my mind today. I got up this morning and sat around for about ten minutes before I decided to crawl back in bed with my electric blanket and a book. And that's what I've been doing all day. Napping and reading. And trying to put off everything that needs done.

But I'm up now and still not planning on doing anything but getting something to eat and maybe getting back in front of the computer. Whoo the excitment.

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