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They say it's your birthday.

Happy late birthday to simplybeing Hope you had a great one.

Today is my birthday and I'm really not excited. Actually, I'm kind of depressed. I don't want a birthday this year. I'm a year older and in the exact same place I was last year. Blah. It makes me feel really unaccomplished.

I've been crazy busy with doctor appointments and testing the last few weeks. (I missed JuC day *sob*) I'm having spinal fusion surgery on May 9th, and possibly SI joint fusion because my body sucks and is rebelling. But this should work and hopefully there will be at most one or two more surgeries after that and I'm done. Whoo! I still have to get in within the next few weeks and make sure the cancer hasn't returned, but I'm not really worried about that. I'm 99% sure it's gone. Completely.

And I am weeding my way through emails to everyone who sent me mail asking me where the hell I've been. I'll get to you soon. Promise.

But I'm going to bed now. I can probably squeeze in a few hours of sleep before my day of living hell fun filled birthday activities begins. My mom will be calling me at the crack of dawn while she is driving over here to kidnapped me, removing me from my house for at least fifteen hours. Blah.

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